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Jan 6, 2013 9:00am PST
cofounder alexis ohanian. an outspoken critic. business insider called him one of the superheroes of the internet. all of a sudden, i see reddit everywhere. the growth kev must be tremendous four. >> it has been pretty significant. but it hasn't been that sort of hockey stick growth. it's been really steady. it grows every week. >> it's not brand-new. a lot of people think it is. >> that was a big day for us. you notice all of the people just now learning about it, are probably getting a lot less productive. we have been around slowly eating away at the whole world. >> that control situation, was there a lot of backlash because of that? >> you know, not a lot in the sense that i think what most people realize now, on the internet, whether it's really any social media platform, when you're giving a stage for someone to comment, submit links, do whatever it takes, deather on twitter, reddit, facebook, tumbler. there's the opportunity for jerks to abuse it. 99% of the traffic is either benign or actually really good. most people can separate the vast majority of users from the minori
Jan 3, 2013 12:35am PST
: but you had a sketch that didn't make it to air. >> yes. "renaldo and alexi." me and bill hader played these door guys. i was a spanish guy, and he was this russian guy. and something about -- there was a way -- >> jimmy: "renaldo and alexi"? >> yeah. [ light laughter ] we're telling christmas stories to people as they're coming out of the building. so, it was, you know -- >> jimmy: they're doormen. >> yeah, doormen. and so, you know that thing where you're only supposed to look at a little kid and kind of look at the cue cards a little bit? but this the kid was so stoic. so, everything that i said, he just kept staring at me, and it just -- it made me laugh. i mean, bill laughed later, but -- >> jimmy: so, they put it -- someone at "snl" released it on the internet, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: and -- >> they do that for some of stuff that doesn't go on the air. they'll just, like -- >> jimmy: it went viral, and everyone was, like, watching this thing. it's you guys losing it. i mean, the dress rehearsal never made it to air. and it's first time shown on television. here is the gre
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am PST
of privacy and conspiracy. both he and alexis wright have pleaded not guilty. >> reporter: did you pay for sex with alexis wright? >> no. >> reporter: did you help her promote prostitution. >> i certainly did not. >> reporter: did you invade privacy of the 150 or so johns on the list? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: here in his lawyer's office, the piles of evidence, the infamous dvds threatened strong with years behind bars. >> i have been harassed. i have received threatening phone calls threatening my life. >> reporter: investigators say strong worked with the 30-year-old alexis wright to sell sex, running license plates of clients and receiving hours of video of her encounters. >> reporter: so you don't have any knowledge of any of the detailed ledgers and records? >> that's not what he's saying. he's saying he's not going to talk about it. >> reporter: despite the potential jail time, strong isn't resentful. >> reporter: you're not angry at alexis? >> no. >> reporter: angry at your self? >> i could let myself be angry but i have to move on. >> reporter: the 57-year-old said he didn
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
if an extortion plot was in the works. >> why would alexis wright need cam corders, stacks of hard drives and countless lists about her clients that investigators say detailed who, what, when and how much? three months later the question of why is still hanging over the town of kennebunk. beth mclean writes about what everyone has been talking about. extortion. >> why would anyone do this unless there was going to be some grand attempt at extortion down the road. but in truth, no one really knows. >> reporter: no one knows, but the town is certainly speculating. >> all my gut instincts say this is some type of extortion situation that has been set up. but again, i don't have all of the facts. >> reporter: so far about a third of the nearly 200 alleged so-called johns in the case have been identified. gary pullman represents ten of them. >> their whole lives have been turned upside down, and i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: wright was running a one-woman brothel out of a dance studio with her lover, gary strong. both are being charged with violation of privacy and conspiracy. both h
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
'm here with alexis from new york. >> do you pick out anywhere in the world, where would it be? >> you know, i went to one of the most beautiful places on earth that i have ever seen before. they're called the maldives. you go to dubai. it's way in the middle of nowhere, but it's the most beautiful -- >> a long way. >> it's the most beautiful islands you have err seen. the water is blue. i loved it. >> that's my favorite spot. >> i didn't understand. any place i have never been before? >> yeah. any place -- if you can go anywhere in the world that you haven't been before, where would you go? >> i would like to go to australia. have i never been, and i have never met an aussie i didn't love. >> no kidding. >> we got to run, sweetie. good enough for hugh jackman, it's good fluff for me. >> beauty can be skin deep. this is that segment where they -- kathie lee and i are going to tell you how you can look seven years younger. >> wear going to have you stepping out in style with the hottest fashion trends in the new year. >> how to throw the ultimate golden globe party. miss, this seat's av
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5